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Do you suffer from oily hair, hair with dandruff, and without shine? A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair with shine. By using WeAreSoap silicone-free shampoo, enriched with cocoa butter, vitamin B5, and chamomile, you can get shiny and healthy hair.

• has proven antiseptic properties
• strengthens your hair and protects it from hair damage
• supports hair growth

Cocoa butter
• nourishes the scalp and improve its healthy function
• helps your hair grow
• keeps them shiny and healthy
• leaves hair soft after each wash, which helps in combing the hair

Vitamin B5
• increases hair elasticity
• prevents hair loss and gives hair a rich and thick look
• helps hair retain moisture and keeps them hydrated.

Silicone free
• enable color pigments to penetrate during hair dyeing
• hair remain with nutrients
• are gentle on your hair
• without feeling greasy and tangled hair

Enjoy our economic and eco-friendly solid shampoo bars ideal for traveling thanks to no plastic bottle. They are small but last a long time and suitable for all hair types, safe for colored hair.