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Dry skin and rough to the touch is annoying. How to avoid it? Fortunately, we have a solution for you. It is WeAreSoap bath bombs enriched with sea salt, avocado oil, and vitamin C, which soften, hydrate, and smell the skin beautifully.

Sea salt – salt minerals help hydrate the skin and keep it smooth

Avocado oil – thanks to vitamin E, avocado oil soothes the skin, soothes itchy, and softens it.

Vitamin C – has antioxidant properties, helps to regenerate the skin naturally
– stimulates healthy cells by increasing collagen production that recovers and regenerates the skin.

Turn your bath into fun with fizzy bath bombs rich in sea salts and essential oils. Our Bath Bombs will be the reason to love a bath, relaxing with a luxury experience.

Every single bath bomb is handcrafted that contains beneficial sea salts, essential oils, avocado oil and is chemical and parabens free. All bath bombs are Vegan & Cruelty- Free!

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