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Did you know that in the past, people bathed once a week, and only availability of soaps and the need to be clean at work changed their approach to hygiene? Skin condition, smell, and hydrated skin are now the keys to evoking good mood, freshness, and relaxation. By using WeAreSoap shower soufflé with pH 5.5 rich in sea salt and glycerin, you will get much more!

Sea salt crystals help to exfoliate your skin to reveal fresher skin.

Glycerin is an excellent cosmetic ingredient used to hydrate hair and skin. It is known for its ability to retain water, and thereby glycerin hydrates the skin.

Are you looking for something unique and different for your skin? Our handmade shower soufflé changes your daily washing by its airy and creamy foam and delicate aroma, that will leave your skin silky smooth.

Our shower souffle are easily absorbed and extremely light. They contain natural ingredients that are paraben-free with a PH of 5.5. You can use these luxurious sea salt souffle for all skin types and the entire body.