Hello, we are soap!

You are warmly welcome to taste the world of products that not only look and smell marvelous but feed your skin and leave it feeling excellent.
Our story begins with the passion for bringing handmade luxury cosmetic products to the public. We believe relaxing and bath time should be exciting and is exceptionally beneficial for well-being.

We are proud to offer you a bath and body products like bars of artisan soap made using the cold process, aromatherapy bath bombs, amazing zero-waste solid shampoo bars. Enjoy a different kind of natural bath milk or bath salts from dead sea salt crystals.
Our sugar cane shower mousse is a fantastic alternative to soap or shower gels. Handmade soaps but liquid made with Aloe Vera extracts make your skin silky smooth.
Hand creams enriched with Shea butter, avocado and coconut oils keep instant hydration.

All products are palm oil free and only made of the best natural ingredients from around the world. Besides, all of our products are only cruelty-free.

We use only recyclable packaging for our products. Also, we ship our products in fully bio-degradable packages.

We aim to make you feel good and beautiful with our bath and body products; therefore, we will continue to research new products with high attention to details and environment.